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7 Steps to Success with your Blog in 2016

Its about to become a new year and your mind is thinking of so many great ideas all at once.

You have so many ideas in fact, that you could fill up the next 12 months easily.

But where do you begin?

There are so many blogs out there from fashion to finance, art to anthropology, and you might find yourself wondering who would even read your blog?

Let’s take a look at the 7 steps to success with your blog in 2016


Define your reader

Before you can be successful with your blog, you really need to know who your reader is to begin with. Who is that special crowd of readers that you want to appeal to above everyone else? Only then will you be able to begin to write content to solve their problems or create content of value to them.

Meet your ideal reader face to face

Social media is a fantastic platform for networking, finding groups of like minded people and sharing ideas. Remember, that nothing compares to face to face conversations and building relationships. Build trust and gain insight into what they would love to read.

Find out their pain

What keeps your readers up at night, what challenges do your readers want the answers to. This kind of material is where value is given to your reader and will bring them back to your blog again and again. At the end of the day, it’s all about your readers and what they need / want to know.

Solve their problems

Once you have connected, built relationships, found the pain that your readers share, it’s now time to create content.

Ensure that you have a distraction free environment and brainstorm pain topics and solutions.

If you get stuck, social media platforms like facebook are an excellent tool to pose a question and get answers from your followers. This can create some spectacular content.


Know your readers problems and solve themWrite with your ideal reader in mind

When you sit down to write, picture a person across the table and imagine that you are answering their question directly.

I find that recording myself discussing and answering my “imaginary” reader’s pain topic on audio helps me sound more natural. I can then go back to my office and type it out another time. Particularly if I feel that my just writing it out doesn’t seem to come across the way I picture it should. I really enjoy ensuring my articles come across more conversational, as if I am speaking to my readers.

I hope that those who have met me, can almost hear me speaking as they read my posts.


The Editorial Calendar

This brings me to number 6 of 7 points.

I know that you hear this all the time. To be a successful blogger it is all about being consistent.

If you try to be adhoc, consistency will allude you. It will dance about in front of you and you are never, ever going to catch up.

I am not saying it’s easy, as I find I am the worst ever advocate of this myself. I constantly find excuses to NOT create a editorial calendar.

If you want to be successful in 2016, then, like me it’s time to bite the bullet and just do it!

You can install a editorial calendar plugin to your wordpress site

You can also find FREE editorial calendars from these links

CoSchedule, Hubspot, Buffersocial 

Set up a RSS Newletter

I have not created this myself yet, but I have Mailchimp signed up and ready to go. In Mailchimp there is a RSS Campaign where you can compile all your recent posts in a summary and Mailchimp will publish it for you. Once it’s set up, it’s set up! Everyone in your mail list will get the summary each week, month or whatever frequency you like. I plan to use this into 2016.

Mailchimp to RSS Feed – A Complete Guide

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In Conclusion

If you want to succeed in blogging it is going to take commitment, consistency and effort. Your blogging journey is your personal adventure and your success can only mimic your level of determination. Make 2016 your year for your blog to shine, grow your readership base and join our mastermind group for support.

You can do it!!

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