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How much content does a new blog need?

The essential areas that any new blog page needs to have is a Home Page, About Me, One to Two blog articles and a Privacy post in the terms and conditions.

Merril mentioned three excellent points that should be considered by any new blogger.

  1. Good content should be created before your launch and ready to roll out
  2. Release the content one article after another on a consistent basis (daily or weekly)
  3. Be consistent with your posting whatever is your schedule

Building on your experience is an important step to take. You can do this in a variety of ways, writing a blog post every day 7 days a week, or consistently writing each and every week for a specific period of time. Blogging is an art form that develops over time and experience. As a new blogger you need to be patient with yourself and persevere. Consistency will help you to improve and you will be surprised how blogging gets easier with practice.

Scheduling your blog posts on social media will increase your reader base over time. Remember to introduce your blog posts in a number of different ways.

  • Ask a question and invite the reader to click through to your link for the answer
  • Highlight an interesting point from your blog post with a call to action to click through to your link.
  • Create a beautiful meme with a quote from your blog to entice the reader to click through to read more.


Tan ja reminds us that you should make yourself available to check your blog post for responses on a regular basis when you post it on social media.

This is an important tip when you are seeking engagement and a loyal reader base or email list. You need to nurture, respect and respond to anyone that takes the time to comment about your blog article. It’s also important that you take the time to thank those who share your article on their social media channels.

How important are images?

When it comes to images, they have never been more important than they are now.

Readers scan your page and need something to entice them to stay and read more, or click away. Quality images that compliment your blog or tell a story helps retain a viewer’s attention.

There are a number of sensational FREE image tools, but Merril’s and Amanda’s favorite are picmonkey (insert hyperlink canva (insert hyperlink

Amanda likes to use piktochart (insert hyperlink for all her infographic needs.

Merril shared a fantastic quote from Problogger’s Darren Rowse:

“It doesn’t matter how often you post but be consistent – your readers come to expect that you to be consistent or you will lose them!” (format should be as a quotation or in italics)



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