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I’m Alison Vidotto, wife, mother of six, Speaker, Author, CEO of a family business based in Brisbane, Leadership & Business trainer. My professional passion is definitely leadership which is the main area I focus on when it comes to blogging.

Another great passion of mine is the charity I founded in Vietnam (ACCV) in 2007 that works with blind and seriously ill children living in poverty.  ACCV was the reason I began blogging. I didn’t know the first thing about blogging, just that I had some amazing stories that I wantedACCV - Alison Vidotto to share.


My first blog was a free blogspot page. I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing so I just fumbled along. I would spend hours, many hours trying to fix the images that were so big they were wiping the text off the page! Learning about image sizes was a pretty good lesson for me!

After I started blogging about Leadership on my business website I found it very difficult to get traffic to my blog. I decided to guest blog about leadership for the Australian Business Women’s Network (ABN) to reach a wider audience. It was the best thing I could have done. I committed to submitting an article every two weeks which gave me the incentive I needed to really think about blogging. It completely changed my mindset, I now find that I read an article or run a workshop and think ‘oh, that would make an interesting blog post’.  I am developing my bloggers brain! J

I was really thrilled when one of my leadership articles ‘Leading with Courage’ came in as the number one blog post for the previous six month period at the ABN. That was a big achievement for me, there are some amazing bloggers who contribute to that site. That particular post is still doing very well.

My favourite quote of all time is:

I used it as the tagline for my Leadership book and I also named my business Push! The quote dates back to 1900 when women were trying to gain access to the British Royal Academy. My mother always said it to us growing up and I say it to my children too. Never give up, no matter how difficult things get, you have to keep pushing if you want success. They love it too, a few Christmases back I received a silver business card holder with the quote engraved on it!

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