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Amanda Elliott


Welcome to Blogger Support 4 All Amanda and thank you for allowing us to interview you.

Can you tell us who you are and what your blogging niche is?

My name is Amanda Elliott and I am a 25 year old plus size blogger who is getting married in July. I was born in Kansas City, and am studying events management in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I guess you could say my niche is minimalist plus size fashion. I prefer luxury styles for lower prices. 

What mistakes have you made and how did you solve them?

I’m definitely my own toughest critic. I could elaborate on a dissertation length description of my life’s mistakes, ranging from trying to date men who were completely wrong for me to wasting time hating myself my first time at university. My biggest mistake was hating myself for 20 years. I let the people around me, the media, and the beauty industry bully me into thinking that I wasn’t worth anything. I don’t know if this mistake is totally solved yet, but I’m moving forward every single day. I love the skin I’m in, and I want to inspire other girls to learn how to do the same!

What success/s are you most proud about?

Since I was a teenager, it has been my dream to own and run my own concert venue. I want to have gigs from all types of genres, as well as hosting other events (like corporate/business events or weddings). My biggest success is following that dream. I lived in Edinburgh for 2 years before deciding to get a degree in events management, and I’ve just completed my first year on the course. It feels SO good being one step closer to accomplishing that goal!

What are your future blogging goals?

My main goals are to inspire and collaborate! Honestly, the internet and social media have been such a MASSIVE game changer when it comes to the way I see myself. I’ve chosen to surround myself (online, at least) with other beautiful plus size women. If I can inspire someone the way they’ve inspired me, then this will all be worth it. I’ve not had the opportunity to collaborate yet, so that’s a big goal of mine as well! (PS if you want to collaborate, feel free to hit me up!)

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