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I am Jay – Super Mama, Writer and Social Media Addict.

My business was born to allow me to follow my dream and bring along the family. The juggle is a bit tricky but so far we are rocking it. The situation also gives me a special insight into other family businesses and I particularly am drawn to start up’s who offer a bespoke service or product.
I combine my business blogs with my writing about life because I believe the two are inextricably linked, if you’re a business owning parent. So I blog about how to avoid Facebook Rule Breaking and also being a Netball Mum. I have a special passion for Disability and Success and to empower entrepreneurs in thinking outside the box to create a life they love.
I’ve worked in private school education marketing and admissions for over a decade. But I wasn’t always so dry.

My first job was as a Wildcats Cheerleader and I used to sing on the back of monster trucks for a buck.
I am the proud taxi driver to a sport mad teenager who is the most compassionate and lovely man I’ve ever met, a tween who is mental about donkeys and netball and plans to own a donkey sanctuary and never get married and a fiery, redhead cyclone of a toddler who rules our roost.

My husband is roadie of our life and quite simply the best person I know.

We live on almost an acre in the hills of Perth with a menagerie of critters. We are a rowdy, passionate, disorganised tribe full of love.

I began writing at University, I studied Literature and Drama with a Creative Writing Major. I’d transferred across from the QLD Conservatorium after becoming disillusioned with my lifelong dream to be a Musical Theatre star. Writing was on the back burner for a good few years through single motherhood and making a buck, but returned a few years ago with an anonymous blog I refused to advertise. It attracted random, loyal readers and I was encouraged to continue.
My biggest mistake is not beginning sooner. A palm reader once showed me my ‘writing hook’ and told me I must never give up writing. “Just write. Write. WRITE!” she said emphatically.
Progress over perfection is also something I’m working on. I’m a multitude of lovely imperfection and so need to give myself permission to show that.
Your proudest moment as a blogger.
My stand out moment in this journey so far has been sitting with my big kids at the kitchen table. My son was creating a new video for a client (he’s an editing whizz, he just has the ‘eye’ and timing for it) and my 11 year old daughter was on the other side mapping out the structure for her first food and lifestyle blog. That was the moment I realised we were a ‘family business’.

I’m living the dream.

An inspirational quote……
Far out! Only one?!


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