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Name:                  Bron Hogan

Business:             MoreTas4Less

 Can you please share a little about who you are Bron and what encouraged to your begin blogging as a business owner?

Hi, my name is Bron Hogan and I was born in Africa. I have lived and worked in many places around the world.
I am a photographer and writer with a passion for Tasmania.

I blog to help my daughter, Karyn, promote her business which is a Tasmanian Discount card that we sell online, on the Spirit of Tasmania, participating Visitor Information Centres and select retail outlets in Tasmania.

What do you enjoy blogging about?

 As  a photographer, my blog showcasing things to experience, see and do around Tasmania.

In particular I like to go behind the scenes to and promote the less well known places.
The blog is about our two piggy bank mascots, Morey & Lesster, and their Adventures around Tasmania.

 As bloggers, we all make mistakes in the process of learning. When you made a mistake, what lessons did you take away from the experience?

My biggest mistake is not getting my work proof read before publishing it.
I am able to find many permutations when spelling a single word – usually I pick the incorrect one…
I have learned that I am not a good proof reader so always get someone other than myself to check my work before I press ‘Publish’

As a blogger, what has been your proudest moment?

I get excited whenever anyone enjoys what I have written.

Thank you Bron for taking this time to share a little about who you are and what you blog about.

In conclusion, what inspirational quote inspires you?


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