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Masterminds 16th March 2015

How to Create Loyal followers


It was with great pleasure that we had our first guest blogger attend our hangout this evening.

Sadly, Hangouts on Air refused to launch for me after two attempts and out of despair I opted for a standard google hangout instead.

In Attendance

Tan Ja

Alison Vidotto

Alex Stuart our guest



Alexx started tonight wanting to know more about those attending the session.

Alison Vidotto

Blogs about Leadership, Small Business and Charity

Blogging seriously for the past six months approximately.

Guest blogs for Suzi Dafnis on ABN about leadership

Has a charity that she established in Vietnam and seeks to make people aware of their conditions, share stories about the people she helps, the journeys about the children and how Alison grows awareness for this through blogging to continue her care.

Tan Ja

Blog about supporting and teaching how to blog

Has been conducting workshops and training since the late 1990’s

Who is Alexx Stuart?

Alexx has grown a community passionate about Real Food, Low Tox Living & Inspiration. Sharing the knowledge from recipes, to people to ideas and shaping the world with our shopping baskets!


History before blogging

Major in Political Science with three languages

– Opted out of career of a diplomat and being in personal danger.

Started working in a cosmetic company where she was trained in the active ingredients of cosmetics. She was surprised by the chemicals & toxins used. Alexx did not connect her sickness, weight or migrains to the cosmetics she was using at the time, but just felt it was time to leave.

From cosmetics Alexx worked as a singer in nightclubs. While singing, the bar tenders caught her eye. This interest in bar tending led her to working for one of the best bars in the county and winning cocktail competitions. Her passion for bar tending landed her a training role with Merivale Group Training for 4 years.

With all Alexx’s success, she still felt she hadn’t hit the mark.

Alexx had a passion to help and educate people.

With her usual passion and focus, Alexx begun a journey on health, wellness and good food after visiting a natropath 13 years ago. She was amazed that just by adapting her diet, her chronic tonsillitis was cured. This created a need in Alexx to share her journey with others and help them also.



How Alexx began to blog


Alex started using online as a “tool” to share her tips, health discoveries about diet with family and friends.

As time passed, Alexx discovered that perfect strangers were following her updates all due to the power of search engines and the internet.

Alexx found that people were asking her questions and wanting to comment / share their thoughts. This is when Alexx thought that facebook might be the right platform for this interchange and to build a community.

Sharing tips, ideas, information and helping people were the main focus of her facebook account. As her community grew, Alexx stated her own blog in 2012, and coincidentially along with her blog magic started to happen.

Alexx’s blogging journey

The Jamie Oliver Foundation asked Alexx in 2012 to be a food ambassador

Alex’s reaction was WOW! I can make a difference!

A retweet on twitter led to this amazing opportunity.

Note: Never underestimate the power of twitter to connect

In 2012 Alexx shared a post about a blueprint or 10 commandments about food.

The post initially had 257 likes

In the morning that post had been shared over 6000 times.

This was Alexx’s “AHA” moment.

She began to understand the Who, where and what interested her community.

Alexx could see people wanted to know about health and celebrate enjoying real food. She begun sharing her recipes, tips and discoveries about food.




Alexx shares her expertise about building a loyal community.


Help people

Ask yourself : Who is my community and what are they interested in?

Ask your community what topics interest them.

Ask them what their challenges are and provide solutions.

Alison Asked: Do you write on your own blog or do you guest blog?

Most guest bloggers write for other websites to build their community and brand. Since Alexx has already focused her energy and time into building a large community, being a guest blogger is not something she has been interested in.

That being said, if an opportunity comes along with a huge reader base that would benefit your overall goals, then by all means pursue it.

Alexx shared that she has recently accepted to become a contributor for the Huffington Post.

Alexx’s recommendations for Guest Blogging

  • Think BIG when choosing a site to guest blog for with lots of traffic
  • Ensure that you have a call to action at the end of the article
    • Free Ebook download
    • Free 3 points to be a better (your appropriate topic)
  • Be ambitious with your focus and goals
  • Use the guest article to build and grow your own community
  • Use the guest blogs to “Link Build” and develop your brand
  • Make sure that as a guest blogger it is a collaborative relationship, a win/win. If it isn’t STOP!


Grow your Community

Ask them what their challenges are and provide solutions

Be consistent with your topic to avoid confusing your audience


Alison Vidotto gets mentored by Alexx


When guest blogging always provide a call to action at the end of every article to drive traffic to your own brand.


Create a ebook called : 101 traits of a successful leader, then write a guest article on Suzie Dafnis’s ABN [ Australian Businesswoman’s Network] site about one of the traits with a call to action to click through to your site to download the free ebook.

Advantages with Suzie Dafnis as a guest blogger:

Large reader base of 30,000

Suzie Dafnis is very tech savvy with her SEO – Cutting edge

= Large reader base

= Good search engine results to find “leadership” and Alison’s articles over her own website

= Priority to find leadership articles via ABN with LinkedIn Pulse

= Good opportunity to build her personal brand faster through guest articles

Ask yourself when guest blogging – How does it benefit you?

If it only promotes the site you are blogging for, it is a waste of your time.








Copy Cats and Plagiarism


Alexx had an issue with “I Quit Sugar” using a recipe of her own in their book with only changing one ingredient. So, Alexx called them up on it. The result?

They changed it that very day with hyperlinks and credits to Alexx.

It pays to be assertive, in fact it benefits you as a business person and makes you appear even more attractive to perspective big business.

Alexx related also how a company online copied Valerie Khoo’s article        [read about it here : ] and she called them up on it! Valerie even went to the effort of naming and shaming them on social media.

Plagiarism is illegal and should never be done.

Alexx suggested to check out Podlegal [ ] has a kit that you can buy for your website to prevent this from happening to your articles.


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