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Masterminds – Email Marketing and Startups

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Supporting One Another

  1. What are your goals?
    2. What two items are a priority that you will share with us next meeting?
    3. How can we support each other to achieve our goals?
    4. Checklist will be arranged and support “buddy”



  1. Complete her online course
  2. Remind Merril periodically with supportive messages – Ask her how she is going
  3. Don’t take life for granted – Do what you want to do – Live each day as if it is your last



  1. Marketing is her biggest challenge – Training course in a few weeks
  2. Pricing her workshops
  3. Finding Public Speaking Opportunities



  1. Continue with building a new blog website
  2. Complete her guest blogs on MYOB + She Owns It
  3. Be more consistent with her personal blogging


Since our last Masterminds at 13th September Merril completed

  1. Course – 1st lot is completed – 7 modules need to be completed.
  2. Blogging – [Paid client course making blogging difficult to get to]
  3. Arranged for some help – which has been great.

* Sourced a writer to help get things completed in deadline

* Power points then were needed along with the course – outsourced that – completed


Complete a paid online course


Merril’s Marketing Tip

This did very well with her email marketing :    

On the feedback form –                                                 Ask for three referrals …………….

Do two emails out a month………

Name | Email | Phone

Enquiry form

* Contact name

* Who referred them initially?

* When is a good time to talk

Follow up – 1 month – 6 months – Not ready








Merril’s Story

Merril opened a Fashion Boutique in a corner suburb, not in a main street  [Shop front business]

To pay the rent – Had to get people into the door

What was the product Merril sold?

Australia made shoes – Made shoes for people for odd fitting feet.

Didn’t want to do it, but opened up – no customers ($300 | $2500 rent | Daughter wage)

Bills had to be paid, so Merril made the decision to pound the streets every single day doing a letter box drop. Up at 5am every morning for 3 hours.

Daughter suggested that Merril should look at trying that facebook thing

– Merril did not want to, but she decided to look at what Facebook was.

– With a lot of hard work and determination, Merril built her shop and a business

The first thing Merril did when anyone walked into the shop was begin a lead capture.

Would you like to know about my specials?

Merril collect their – phone, DOB, where they lived, email.

She would then ensure she emailed those clients all the time

That is how she built her business up from scratch.

Over time, Merril was being asked about her web media marketing solutions.

Due to the demand of people wanting Merril to show them how she used social media and created web pages, the Social media training school – for web sites was created.

In a down market for retail, Merril’s fashion shop was successful, so she made the decision to sell the old shop and went into Social Media full time, Email and SOS marketing, Webpages











Workshops – 3 hours in length with one tea break of tea | coffe & biscuits for 15 minutes

  1. Where can she hold her Workshops?
  2. Is the price right that she is thinking of charging?
  3. Who does Tan contact to conduct talks on her subject & encourage workshop participation.

Tan feels that her price ranges for her workshops are “okay”.

$188 interactive workshop + morning tea?

$65 introduction course

Merril thoughts

Merril conducted a survey to her customers asking what they wanted to learn more about?

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

What were the three things people mentioned?

You need to know your target market – Survey assisted with this!

Questions Merril asked:

Is your web page mobile optimised?


Do you know what each of the platforms do for your business ?


What do you know about these platforms?

Blogging, instagram, pinterest, google, linkedIn , twitter – The answer was not sure

Facebook – Was a platform all surveyed knew about

What do you want to know more about?

The survey results showed that they wanted to know more about Facebook

Least favourite topics or platforms to know more about were:

Google+ | Blog | Instagram



Merril asked her audience | customers – Where would you like to learn?

  • In my home town          [Was the number one choice]
  • Closest main town
  • Webinars came in last

What style would you prefer?

Full day & 1/2 spread – Are both the same – Even

What platforms would you like to learn about in a workshop?

LinkedIn and Twitter

How much would you pay?

Full day face to face ($75.00, $350, $180, $289 )

To Assist and Help Tan ja with her questions :

Where do I hold my training workshops?

Serviced offices


Number One Tip –

Sunday – Number One Tip

Merril – Feedback form – ask for three referrals

Cost of workshops is pretty even


Where in Brisbane can you find opportunities to do some speaking

Business Enterprise Centre

Kitchen Table Network


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