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  1. Commit 100%

You can tell when someone is half-hearted with doing anything in life. This is especially true when you blog for yourself or for your business.
You need to be 100% determined to stick to a consistent schedule so that readers know you are serious.

Want an analogy?
Ask your teenager to commit to cleaning their bedroom every week, is this your attitude about blogging consistently?
The good news is, it will pay off in the long run.
But, it will take time.

  1. Make a detailed plan that is right for you

How can you make a plan if you have no idea why you want to blog?
I loved reading Daniela Uslan’s article called How to REALLY become a consistent blogger for a number of reasons.

  1. She reassures us that starting to blog and finding our reason for blogging is not always simple
  2. Ask the hard questions about “Why” you want to blog, to then find the “How” you can blog consistently.
  3. Set clear short term goals
  4. Promote your blogs to gain more readers and followers

What will be your niche?

Try to make your content relate to each other, from one post to the next so as not to confuse yourself or your readers.
Make sure it’s an area or subject that you have a passion for and can relate that energy into your blog posts.

Who is going to write the blog articles?

Ask yourself is question If you are a business with other team members, find out who will be responsible for writing.
It would also be a good idea to ensure that they can write and spell while you are at it.
If you are a solo writer | business owner | blogger than that is a very easy question to answer.

It’s time to make a plan so ensure you will be consistent.
How often would you like to blog compared to how often can you blog?
Rule No.1 – Do not over commit! If you know realistically once a week is all you can do, then blog once a week it is.
A sure fire way to fail is to say “three times a week” knowing full well it’s not achievable.

  1. Set Reminders

If you are in a team – Send reminders to the writers so that they do not forget to write or post.
If you are solo (like me), I set google alerts that email me each and every week. I also allow a day to create images.

I found “finding” the time to post my blog articles was my biggest challenge.
I outsourced this to a VA to do for me. Find your road blocks and build a bridge over them.

  1. Keep inspired

To help you keep committed to a plan, you need to stay inspired. Diana Adams keeps her inspiration in a Star Wars Moleskin planner that she takes everywhere with her.

When it comes to blogging, practice does make you better at it and faster.
Be patient, that is why commitment to a realistic goal is so important.

  1. Document your results

Learn how to attach google analytics or other plugins to keep an eye on how your posts are performing over time.
It will also allow you to see what your audience is wanting to read.
When you write what your audience wants to read, your statistics will increase.
If you are in business, you will begin to see conversions from readers to clients.

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