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How do I grow my social media followers?

One question I am asked time and again when I present, is how do you get more followers. While growing your follower base on social media may be one consideration, it should not be your most important.

Bloggers will also ask me another question;

How many followers do I need to have, so that I can convert them into a email list, or encourage them to visit my webpage/ blog regularly?

The number of followers, conversion to email lists, and getting clicks on your website / blog are all the wrong questions to be asking me, and yourself.

The first question to ask yourself is this;

Do you know your reader intimately? What keeps them up at night? Are they single, married, a mother or career focused? What do they like to do on their days off?

Without asking yourself these questions, how are you going to appeal to them with what you post on social media?

What is my specialty or “niche”?

Trying to be all things to everyone is not only stressful, it sets you up for failure. In your industry, what are you good at? What do you enjoy doing and what pays you the most? These are all questions you need to ask and examine. Build your readership base with these questions in mind. You will amazed how much easier writing your blog articles can become.

Okay, so you know your ideal reader and what your good at? Now what?

What do your readers want to know, understand or be educated about?

Alison Vidotto once told me : What does a really bad day for your customer (reader) look like? Asking this one question will help you to discover a long list of topics that your customers will want to know, read and be educated about!

 What social media platforms do your readers use?

his is a very important question to ask yourself. I recall from a podcast the analogy about fishing verse catching the attention of your ideal customer.

You decide that you are going to catch a shark. So off you go to the bait and tackle shop, buy a cute Mickey Mouse rod, the right kind of hook for a shark and some shark bait. All excited you drive home to your family farm to enjoy a successful afternoon fishing for a shark in your dam. Will you catch a shark?

The same can be said when you sit at your desk to draw the attention of your ideal reader. Will they be using apps on their smart phone, or be sitting at their desktop? Would they be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn?

I tried social media and it didn’t work!

Ever heard this before? What I would like to ask you, before you begin to complain……..

Did you have a social media strategy and were you committed to be consistent for 3-6 months at least?

Social media is not the golden nugget that you think it is and anyone that says it is, are just trying to sell you something. It is a tool like any other in your business. Successful social media requires planning, thought, strategy and commitment over a medium duration of time. A customer can take 3-9 months of contact before they know, like and trust you enough to become a customer with your business.

Not what you want to hear? I cannot fix that one, I’m just sharing what I have learnt in the real world.

Cas McCullough has just released an amazing book called “Your Brilliant Un-career” last year. In Chapter 8 : Social Media Marketing Fundamentals she outlines 8 fundamentals you need to know for social media success

]I hope that I have given you something to think about. Please feel welcome to message me or tweet me (@bAsupport4all) if you have any other questions or a problem you would like answered. I am here to help!

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